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I have divided this blog post into two parts to ensure a better reading experience. In the first part, I will delve into the journey of how this profound experience came to be and the meticulous preparation that surrounded it. In the second part, I will shift the focus to the ceremony itself, sharing the impactful messages I received and my personal interpretations of them.

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Unveiling the Mysteries: Embracing the Unknown

In our fast-paced society, the notion of a divine calling may seem like a foreign concept. It’s a language that clashes with our Western mindset, often dismissed as mere hippie talk. However, deep within, a part of me resonated with this mysterious message, prompting me to undertake an extraordinary journey of self-discovery.

Dreams that Foretell: A Glimpse into the Amazon’s Healing Power

The allure of a particular plant medicine from the Amazon had captured my curiosity through a conversation with my brother’s friend. Though I hadn’t actively pursued it, the universe had other plans. Years later, after battling anxiety, a vivid dream transported me to a remote jungle village. Immersed in the company of an indigenous tribe, I was invited to partake in an ayahuasca ceremony. With a curious nod, I willingly entered a realm where reality itself was altered. However, the dream took an unexpected turn as our ceremony was abruptly disrupted by an attack. Overwhelmed and unprepared, we had to escape, guided by tribe members to underground tunnels that traversed beneath the river. Upon awakening, I couldn’t help but ponder the significance of this seemingly random dream.

Synchronicity Unveiled: A Serendipitous Encounter

Life, as it often does, unfolded in synchronistic ways. As I resumed my daily routine, bartending at the restaurant, a chance encounter added depth to the mysterious path I was navigating. Engaging in a conversation with a patron, our dialogue took an astonishing turn. She shared her recent participation in a ceremony retreat, serving as a translator for the facilitator. Astonishingly, I couldn’t contain my laughter, for it was just the previous night that I had dreamt of taking part in such a ceremony. Intrigued, she fixed her gaze upon me, her words carrying an air of seriousness, “She’s calling for you.”

The Inner Struggle: Embracing the Unknown

Laughter mingled with confusion, as I grappled with the profound meaning behind her cryptic statement. It was then that a friend cautioned me about opening doors to the spirit world, invoking the adage, “If you keep knocking on the devil’s door, someone’s going to answer.” Contemplating the message for days, I delved into the depths of my intuition, an aspect of myself yet unexplored. The universe had laid before me an intriguing proposition, nudging me to step out of my familiar boundaries. Driven by a relentless thirst for discovery and boundless personal expansion, I found the bravery to fling open the door.

Nurturing Connections: A Friend’s Guidance

In the midst of my journey, I contacted the friend I had met at the restaurant to inquire about the next steps of this process. Graciously, she shared the information on how to proceed on this transformative path. Shortly thereafter, I found myself warmly welcomed into a vibrant community, guided by compassionate leaders who dedicated themselves to welcoming and assisting new members. Their thoughtful explanations illuminated the intricate logistics of the sacred ceremony, while emphasizing the paramount significance of thorough preparation. Understanding the deep significance of sharing this wisdom with newcomers, I was filled with immense gratitude for their dedication to providing a meaningful and secure experience. Although I will delve into the details of these topics in upcoming posts, I plan to briefly explore the importance of mindful breathwork, embracing the path ahead, and the dieta, which readies us in body and mind for the forthcoming ceremony.

Honoring the Temple Within: Embracing Mindful Preparation

Within the journey of self-discovery, I learned to regard my body as a sacred temple, deserving of utmost care and respect. The dieta practice, often misunderstood as a mere restriction of food, reveals a deeper truth—it is an invitation to cultivate profound awareness of what nourishes and supports our well-being in the days leading up to the ceremony. Just as we tidy and adorn our homes to welcome esteemed guests, we extend the same respect for our inner sanctuary. By making mindful choices and attuning to our body’s innate wisdom, we foster a serene environment, welcoming the sacred medicine and its transformative power. Let’s prepare our temple meticulously for the ceremony, to amplify the journey’s impact.

A Humbling Transformation: Embracing Mindfulness and Preparation

Arriving at a crossroads in my life, I grappled with the delicate balance between confidence and cockiness. The introduction to this sacred medicine, however, brought a wave of unexpected humility, guiding me to respect the journey deeply. Committed to honoring this path, I wholeheartedly followed the established preparations. This phase of readiness unveiled the power of mindful living, turning every aspect of my life into a deliberate act of intention. I scrutinized everything from my diet to the media I consumed, the interactions on social media, and the circles I moved in. This was a profound awakening, revealing how certain habits and patterns, unnoticed for years, significantly influence our well-being and mindset. This period of intense preparation, lasting two weeks, culminated in the dawning of a much-anticipated day, marking the beginning of a new chapter.

To uncover the transformative insights and messages from the ceremony

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