Mexico Retreat 2024

Spiritual Spring Cleaning

April 7th – April 15th


Welcome to our serene retreat, hosted by Jesus and Nalleli in the heart of Comitan, Chiapas, Mexico. Here, we invite you for a week of deep connection and growth, both personally and as part of the community. Immerse yourself in the nurturing embrace of nature, engaging in transformative ceremonies and learning the principles of regenerative permaculture. Our retreat is designed to enlighten your understanding of the body-mind-earth relationship, offering a space for spiritual cleansing and realignment with our sacred surroundings.

Deep Work

You’ll get to experience the beauty and calm of Jesus and Nalleli’s place, a perfect backdrop for some serious soul-searching and spiritual spring cleaning. We’re not just talking about sitting around; this retreat is hands-on. We’ll be engaging with our Sacred Grandmother in four meaningful ceremonies and embracing the cleansing power of Kambo, all while following a clean and conscious diet that supports our journey.

Regenerative Agriculture

But it’s not all about the inner work. We’ll also be getting our hands dirty with some regenerative permaculture, learning about how what we put into the earth and our bodies can transform our thoughts, our moods, and our whole being.


  • Price: $25,000 MXN, or around $1400-$1500 USD pending on conversion rate
  • Location: LaJune Imox, Comitan, Chiapas, Mexico
  • Dates: April 7th – April 15th
  • Type: Immersive retreat, integrated with medicines, and regenerative agriculture awareness
  • Lodging: Cabin rooms at LaJune Imox.
  • Travel: Flights not included, click on the button below for more travel information
  • Food: Clean medicine diet included

What's Included

Mayan Fire Ceremony with Cacao

4 Sacred Grandmother Ceremonies

1 Kambo session

Sauna and Swim in the Lake

Rapé Circle around the Fire

Accommodation & Food

Daily Diet adapted to the Retreat

Join Us!

This retreat is your chance to really understand and feel the connection between our bodies, our minds, our community, and the planet.

Travel Itinerary

The only direct flight from the US to Tuxtla Gutierrez(TGZ), Chiapas Mexico is from San Diego. Otherwise, you will have to do a connecting flight from either Mexico City, or Cancun. I highly recommend to shop around to see which flights are affordable, and just know some airlines have cheaper flights to cancun, and others have cheaper flights to Mexico City

Once you land in Tuxtla, you have a few options for traveling to the space. Please note, this is around a 3 hour drive

  1. You can pay for a taxi that will take you direct (~$2,000 MXN or $116.00)
  2. You can take a shuttle bus from Tuxtla to San Cristobal de las Casas, and from there transfer to another bus to Comitan.
    1. Link to bus from Tuxtla here.
    2. Link to bus from San Cristobal de las Casas to Comitan here.
    3. Please make sure to adjust the date to when you’ll be traveling

The bus will be the most affordable, and comfiest way to travel. That is usually the route I go, it will be around $20 USD to get from the airport to Comitan. Highly recommend it.

Also one note, try to book your flight to get to Tuxtla in the day or early afternoon. If you get there too late, some of the buses stop running after a certain hour, so it will be easier on you to get there earlier than later.