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Known as raiz de oro, or root of gold, this plant carries many powerful healing properties.

Romé Potó

This medicine is of Tobacco. A powerful grounding medicine that brings us to the present moment.


This potent medicine heals both body and spirit, clearing the mind, and heavy energies.

Master Plants


Ayahuasca is a transformative entheogenic brew originating from the Amazon. Crafted from the synergy of two essential components—the Chakruna Leaves and Ayahuasca vine—this potent medicine facilitates the release of DMT, often referred to as the spirit molecule.

The experience is a journey that transcends consciousness levels, enabling profound healing and the resolution of past traumas. The Ayahuasca experience delves into intricate layers of self-discovery, promising remarkable insights. 


Peyote, a revered sacred cactus known for its profound spiritual and healing properties. Native to the deserts of North America, this plant has been used for millennia by indigenous cultures for its transformative effects.

Peyote’s active compound, mescaline, opens doorways to altered states of consciousness, guiding seekers through inner landscapes and offering insights into the interconnectedness of all existence. 

San Pedro

Originating from the Andes Mountains, this remarkable cactus has been utilized by indigenous cultures for generations to facilitate profound healing and spiritual growth.

Containing the visionary compound mescaline, San Pedro opens a gateway to expanded consciousness, offering unique insights and revelations. Its usage in shamanic practices has guided individuals through transformative experiences, fostering connection with both inner self and the universe.

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